Billiard Club Accoustic Night

Posted Sep 16, 2003
Last Updated Oct 31, 2011

The Billiard Club seems to be turning into the hotspot for many of the local rock bands of Columbus. Cringefest was hosted by the Billiard Club almost one month ago, and the popularity of the club seems to be on the rise.

Accoustic Night on September 16 was the first time Cringe played out since Cringefest. Cringe recently went through some changes after founding member Mat Marcum decided to call it quits from the music scene. While Cringe is still looking for someone to fill the drummer vacancy, the band came out to show that the group is still alive. Rumors have been flying about the fate of Cringe since Mat's departure, but I can gaurantee that the band will continue... albeit with a facelift and perhaps even a change of name.

Corbin (Cringe's guitarist) could not make it the the club this night.

Other artists performing were Soma and members from Art of Falling, Ethos and more.


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