Posted Apr 16, 2003
Last Updated Oct 31, 2011

Taking pictures of glassware can be a burden if you are in a hurry. The surface of glass collects dust; smudges and fingerprints show up easily; blemishes can't always be hidden.

You have to clean glassware before photographing it. Then you have to try and find a background that won't distract from the transparent glass... some backgrounds can completely hide your subject. Then there is the lighting--which makes your glass beautiful but can destroy your image with reflections and glare. You cannot use a direct flash on glassware, and natural lighting is prefered... so you may have to use a tripod and polarizer.


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Ian Parr

Jul 23, 2009

Hi Shawn

I am a glass engraver and have problems with the photography of glass. having read your article which I found to be very good I was wondering what advice you could give on this kind of glass, I am experimenting at this time with a defuser tent and up lighting. To view the type of glass I use please visit

Kindest regards Ian
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