Moments with Ethan

Posted Jun 2, 2014
Last Updated Jun 2, 2014

I remember once holding Ethan in a single hand. He was a premature baby. So small. I remember the feeling I first had when he first wrapped his delicate fingers around my pinky.

There are many distractions in life... but your children are the only real thing.

Ethan graduated high school this last week. For many parents, this is a special moment. I was happy to see Ethan pass this moment. But really, it was just a moment in a long story. I've always been proud of him. And I always will be. Watching him grow from a respectful child into a kind and confident young man has been all a father could ask for.

I've not shared a lot of my personal life online much lately, but I wanted to share some moments caught in time over the last few years. Here are a few of my moments with Ethan. He's my pride and joy. Enjoy the slideshow above.


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