Wall Worm Model Tools

Easily send your models from 3ds Max to the Valve Source Game Engine

Posted Nov 18, 2010
Last Updated May 29, 2022

I've created a new tool for expediting the model design process in 3ds Max for the Source Game Engine. The new tool is linked below.

For a download link and instructions on installing the tool, go to the official Wall Worm Website.

When I first started Wall Worm, it was mainly for exporting models faster. At this point in time, it's an entire pipeline for the Source Engine.



The tool is still under development. Please share any feedback, ideas and bugs.

Here is some of the feedback it's gotten so far:

Collision Models

Articles on making a collision hull for the Source Game Engine with 3ds Max.

  1. SMD Collision Mesh Tool
  2. Making a Collision Model
  3. Wall Worm Model Tools


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Shawn Olson

Dec 5, 2010

Well David... thank you sir. Now you have no excuses about getting models into your map!

David Schirtzinger

Dec 5, 2010

I know you think you are soooo awesome right? Well let me tell you something mister.. umm.. hmmm... darn. I guess that is awesome. Crap. Well I guess I sohould say good job then? okay. Good Job.
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