Fixing extra clicks on a Razer Copperhead mouse

Posted Nov 4, 2009
Last Updated Jun 9, 2010
First off, I apologize for the quality of the photos. Unlike Shawn, I am not a photographer.

My Razer Copperhead mouse started adding extra clicks with every button press. Sometimes it would rapidly click for as long as I held my button down. That may be OK for when you are trying to get kills with the Dual Elites in CS, but for general computing, it was bad news. Every time I clicked on something, it would double or triple click!

I tried updating the drivers and the firmware. I tried blowing out under the button with canned air. This didn't fix it. My warranty was long expired, so I decided to crack the thing open.

The Copperhead is held together with one screw. Peel off the large foot at the back of the mouse. There will probably be a small sticker covering the screw. Don't bother trying to remove it, just use a #2 Phillips to remove the screw. Gently pry the top of the mouse (above the lights) from the back, and then pull firmly toward the back and slightly up. This will remove the top portion. Unplug the cable that runs from the top portion of the mouse to the board inside. This is for the logo LED. You might as well blow out any dust or pet hair while you have the thing open.

My problem was being caused by the small rectangular plastic actuator. This is the piece of plastic that pushes the tiny white switch when you depress the button. The problem was that heavy use had worn a notch into this piece of plastic. Apparently the plastic is soft enough that the hard white button it pushes will wear a hole in it! The notch prevented it from fully depressing the white button. If you also have this notch, gently file it down with a nail file. You don't have to completely remove the notch, just make it a little less deep. I also had a small notch forming in the right mouse button, so I filed it down a bit too.

Put the top back on, screw it all together and test it out. Hopefully this will work for you.


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Jan 21, 2013

Awesome work bro thanks for the solution it was driving me crazy been freaking out trying to fix this with drivers it was happening on 2 mice i had both razor mice. Im thinking it might be a design flaw. the plastic they are using is too soft or something.


Jul 1, 2012

Thanks man! Just saved me some money. Filed the groove away and it clicks like new!


Jan 12, 2011

Thx a lot...problem solved and it's not too difficult to do..mousebotton as new one :)

Si agdasg

Jul 21, 2010

This solved my problem when a mouse button stopped working consistently. THANKYOU

Martijn van den Enk

Sep 13, 2010

Thanks, fixed my problem!

Pyke Conde

Jun 18, 2010

Is this a permanent fix or will the problem re-occur and you have to do this again?

Andrew Penry

Aug 13, 2013

You will have to do it again. And again. Eventually there won't be enough left to file.
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