Introduction to Web Design

Posted Dec 10, 2002
Last Updated Oct 30, 2011

The Internet is one of the most amazing tools of the modern artist and writer and businessman. It has opened up the door to truly global communication. Before the advent of the World Wide Web, most people in the world could not effectively practice the trade of free speech. While there are many printed and televised media outlets, there never was a true guarantee of vocal presence until the Internet has reached its current proclivity. Stepping through all the filters of editors, censors and limited space has really meant, in a deeper manner than any publication will admit, how much money or popularity you can muster.

The Internet is the ultimate tool of communication. It has more potential to spread your ideas and talents to the world than any other means—barring Hollywood, MTV and televised sports. Of course, using the Internet guarantees you no success—it only guarantees your presence of thought. Getting your thoughts into the minds of anyone still requires a strategy and effort; a successful website requires marketing and promotion as in other media.

This series of tutorials and lectures is intended to guide you through the steps of creating a compelling website with no cost to you. All languages used here are free, and anyone with an internet connection can download them. Topics covered include basic XHTML, style sheets, graphics, content, PHP and MySQL. In the end we will cover techniques to promote your website. I will add to the series as often as possible.

This series will take you through the steps of creating a website starting with the basics. Later installments will introduce you to the beginning of PHP and MySQL. The project will assume you know nothing about HTML, and it will progress with the intent of creating a simple web page and turning that, in the end, into a database driven site.


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