BF2142 Black Screen Fix

Posted Nov 2, 2008
Last Updated Nov 12, 2011

After I updated my nVidia graphics card drivers to Forceware 178.24 I noticed a problem with the game Battlefield 2142. Everytime an explosion went off nearby, my screen went black. Also, I noticed that the screen would go black if I used the Recon Active Camouflage—all that would appear are flags in the HUD.

After going to the nVidia forums and the 2142 forums I could not find an answer, although many others were having this problem. Instead of reverting my system, I opted to experiment with the nVidia control panel until I found a solution.

The fix for my system was to do the following. In the nVidia control panel, go to the 3D Settings > Manage 3D Settings. Go to the Global tab and change the Antialiasing Mode to "Override any application setting”. That immediately fixed my problem.

nvidia control panel global

nvidia control panel bf2142

For reference, my system is a dual nVidia 8800 running Windows Vista 32-bit. Click the images to the right to see the settings I used for global and game-specific to make 2142 work properly. Note that the 8x settings I used for the anialiasing may not be appropriate for your settings if you have less powerful video cards. You may have to reduce the antialiasing settings if this change causes your game to run slower.


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James Atkins

Oct 7, 2009

Yea, this works fine for me up untill the 190.62 drivers. Then the AA stops working... :(

Shawn Olson

Feb 10, 2009

Tom... for one of my friends having this problem, a reboot of the computer was required before this fix took effect.

Tom nonnnn

Feb 7, 2009

Hi I tried this method. I have a fairly strong graphics card, and 8800 gt oc... and it didnt work at all. Not even better. It got my hopes up but nothing is working. The only fix i've found is terrible.. because you just turn off you AA. =/


Dec 30, 2008

Thanks! I haven't tried this yet, but I look forward to not getting killed in EVERY gunfight I enter. The problem adds to the realism, but I get killed very often. I have had this issue since Spetmeber and gave up looking after about a month. I reinstalled the game and still had issues. THANKS for posting your fix!

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