October 30, 2008 Newsletter

Posted Oct 29, 2008
Last Updated Nov 12, 2011
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I decided that I ought to get another newsletter out. A lot has happened since the last newsletter back in June. Fortunately for those who don't like to read too much, I'll skip most of it.

Many long-time readers may remember that I used to spend a lot of time working with bands in Central Ohio. For a couple years I got a lot of exposure because of my work with Cringe. I still keep in touch with a lot of the musicians in the area... but I rarely get out to see any shows these days.

I have, however, "discovered” a band from Indianapolis called Wild Mercy. I was lucky enough to hear them at a recent sci-fi convention. They play a style of music called Filk, which is a branch of music rooted in folk traditions. What makes Filk interesting is its tie to science-fiction and fantasy literature/culture.

There are some photos of Wild Mercy linked below, which includes a link to their website. If you are wanting to hear something new and fun, think about picking up one of their albums or buying one for a holiday gift. I especially enjoy the poetic, ironic, satirical lyrics of Wild Mercy.

By the next newsletter I hope to share with you a couple creative websites I'm working on. Some of these projects are a lot different than the things you've all seen me build over the years... I think you'll get a lot of amusement from them. Exactly what they are will remain a public mystery for at least a month or two.

Until then, stay safe, warm and creative!



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