3D Designs

Posted Jul 24, 2008
Last Updated Nov 12, 2011
3d chess
These are some samples of recent images I created in the 3D modeling program called 3D Studio Max. I have been studying 3D design for nearly a decade. Most of my experience has been for designing maps for the game Counter-Strike. In the last several months I have been applying my 3D skills for more commercial purposes.


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Wall Worm plugins and scripts for 3ds Max
3d ocean

This shot is from an animation sequence I designed in 3D Studio Max for a Flash website for a client.

3d maze art

This graphic uses 3D terrain that was created using an actual maze that I made (that you can find on this site). I made it after a comedy club in the UK asked to use that maze in a promo poster for a show.

3d box

Graphic designed for promoting the Webonizer Content Management System Software.