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Pencil & Ink Sketches

Posted Dec 3, 2002
Last Updated Oct 30, 2011

I suppose I couldn't call myself a fine artist. Most of the art I've produced in my life has been pencil and ink--and most of that in the form of cartoons. But I consider most of that as fine enough.

As you can see, I draw a lot of fantasy pieces. When I was younger I drew dragons and unicorns incessantly.

I haven't sketched much in the last couple of years. These are samples of work produced mainly before I worked for the Messenger. Now that this site is up, I intend to start creating drawings again. I hope you enjoy these.

Graphite Dreams

Pencil and ink sketches ranging from serene to bizarre.

  1. Pencil & Ink Sketches
  2. The Aquatic Visitor
  3. Dargon Night


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