Battelle Darby Creek Park

Posted Aug 17, 2006
Last Updated Nov 10, 2011
shore bird photo
tadpole photo

I have been visiting Darby Park since I was a small boy. Hiking through trails or fishing its banks I have seen all kinds of interesting animals and creatures. I have seen the great pileated woodpecker, whitetail deer, darters, muskrats and dozens of other animals.

Here are some photos of some critters I photographed this year (2006).

I am excited to say that I found a new insect in my book called the Water Stick Insect. When I first saw the creatures underwater in a shallow pool full of tadpoles, I mistook the large insects to be unfortunate Stick Bugs. But after I got home I learned that the insects were large underwater predators that were probably taking advantage of all the bull frog tadpoles in the water.



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