Something Got Lost

Posted Aug 4, 2006
Last Updated Nov 10, 2011

They never gave you many lines
So you never had much to say;
Still… something got lost when you left this stage
Something special followed you off the page.

I can’t remember much that you said
But I can’t forget who you were—
The roles you played were always cast
In loving shades of garden light.

My memories work not like movies
So the visions are not so clear
But one thing that I cannot forget
Is your motherly love sincere.

What were your words?
I listen to my heart… but I cannot hear
Your voice is distant… sad…
Too quiet to span receding time.

At least I still have your love;
I can still hear your laugh
And feel the warm smile on your face.
I remember the dreams in your quiet eyes
And the soft happiness you always shared.

Alas… I love you Mom…
Your star still shines long after the curtain fell.
My tears shed only because I know
No encore comes for this sad musical.

They Walk Away

Sad poems about loss and death.

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