Five-Lined Skink

Posted Jul 2, 2006
Last Updated Nov 9, 2011
five-lined skink
five-lined skink
five-lined skink

While staying at Bennet Springs State Park in Missouri, I encountered several young Five-Lined Skinks. I never suspected that Missouri would have such a diverse collection of lizards since it is such a temperate climate, but I learned that there are thirteen (13) species of lizards living in Missouri. Among those is the Western Slender Glass Lizard which sports no legs (it is a lizard because, unlike snakes, it has an outer ear opening and has eyelids).

The Five-Lined Skink is beautiful as a juvenile. At that age, they sport a brilliant blue tail. I photographed four different skinks hovering near our campsite. Because of their blue tails, they were easy to spot when basking on trees in early morning sunlight.

More Missouri Lizard Information:


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Jamie Nichols

May 4, 2008

I was recently trying to find out about this particular lizard when I came across this site. Great pic but I am still not clear as to whether or not this lizard is poisonous. I have one that gets on my porch and I'm afraid of it. Is there something I can do to keep them away? Thanks for the help!!
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