Who is she

Posted Oct 19, 2002
Last Updated Oct 30, 2011

In her beginning you put to an end
her wish for a close fatherly friend.
You put her out of your heart,
Buried her deep in your mind--
Though living she was--
Still dreaming, still beaming--
Still wonderfully alive.

Well you walked away from that smiling tree
you happened to plant so many years ago.
Do you remember her?
Do you remember those bright blue eyes?
Is it all just a foggy dream?
Or is it a secret hidden age
fossilized in the rock of your heart?
Who was she?

I could tell you.
For I know this creature.
She walks in the pastures
of my world now.
Grown and elegant...
so full of charm;
Still so delicate...
so frail to harm.

Perhaps you cannot remember her...
Perhaps you are just afraid
to unearth your own past;
you fear to look into those blue eyes
and find reflected hints of
your half-burried cowardly deeds.

So you hide...
and in your shell abide;
But each day left ignored,
this crime stretches the noose
whose line ever more quickly
runs out of temporal chord.

You have forgotten her;
But she forever remembers you.
Your absence has said it all;
But she wants to hear your voice.
She hopes and dreams--and cries--
For she wants to look into your eyes
through space instead of time.

Would she feel what I know--
You are no man but a sickly beast--
She would not cry.
Were I to feel what she hopes...
I would end my days empty somewhere inside.

Stand up, you old cowardly man!
Stand up and grow up before time has stolen
Her last, your last, chance.
Do not keep hurting the face
of saddened innocence.
Your daughter is a beautiful creature...
It's time to show her if any of that beauty
might be a reflection of you.

Don't snivel and hide;
give this world and all that's beautiful
a chance to see your worth;
Just tell your daughter she's wonderful,
Show her that her's was a valuable birth.

Just remember this as you tremble
to face the truth:
There won't be a tomorrow to aim at
when your time finally runs out.
So run to her with open arms
Let her cry with with you just one time;
Let her wipe away the punishment for your crime.


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