GoodGuest Free Guestbook System

Posted Feb 16, 2006
Last Updated Nov 9, 2011

I’ve bought GoodGuest.Net for a new free guestbook system that has built-in anti-spam filters. The reason for this site is that many people have asked me how to protect their guestbooks from spammers. While I would like to stop spammers outright, it’s best that I don’t make all my methods known to the public—I don’t want a spammer getting his hands on my code and researching it for holes.

So sometime this month I will unveil the new free guestbook system called GoodGuest.

GoodGuest System

Information on the release of my GoodGuest system, an anti-spam guestbook website.

  1. GoodGuest Free Guestbook System
  2. The GoodGuest site is now running


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