How can I advertise on Shawn Olson Creative Arts?

Posted Dec 8, 2005
Last Updated Feb 13, 2012

The Shawn Olson Creative Arts website is a free online resource that reaches thousands of unique visitors every day. There are two types of advertising outlets on this site.

The first and simplest is to place ads here through Google Adwords. That link will allow you to create an advertising link on this site.

If you wish to display your link/ad in another manner on this site, you must call Shawn Olson at 614-465-2893. An icon link is sold on a monthly basis. I will only sell advertising space to companies whose website is child-safe.

Based on current trends, your link will display to roughly 180,000 visitors and be viewed roughly 603,000 times in a month. The average visitor views 3 pages. Most common search engine traffic comes from search strings dealing with photography, word searches, wildlife, web development and web design. Long-term rates may be negotiable.


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