New Global Artistic Network

Posted Mar 29, 2005
Last Updated Nov 8, 2011

After several years of building the system that is behind this site, I have finally created a version that I feel is ready for the general public. With the release of the new Artistic Network site, I have now opted to limit new members on this site. New members wanting to use this system should now enter themselves into the Global Arts Directory on the Artistic Network website instead of the Shawn Olson Artistic Network.

I will still continue to add new content to this site as actively as I always have. And there will even be new members on this site. But I am reserving membership on this site to those I personally invite or special exceptions.

This change is because I know that many artists can benefit from the features on the new site, and they have not had access to my personal site. I also know of many people who have refrained from joining this site simply because my name is tagged all over the site.

I wanted to create a community that was not attached to me personally so that more creative artists would be apt to participate.

The new site is, in fact, much more advanced than this site. It allows each member to add profiles, images, articles, events, MP3s—all from the moment they sign up. Membership is free. There are powerful search utilities—keyword searching for articles, profiles and events; region and art type directories; regional and date searching for events.

The new site is still under final development. But anyone is welcome to visit and join the new site as the final stages of development come to pass. Active promotion of the site will ensue within a couple of weeks.

New Artistic Network

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