These Wants Infernal

Posted Oct 19, 2002
Last Updated Oct 30, 2011

All these desires
Burn like lust-filled fires,
Like thermal vents
that reach far into time
To the earliest stellar events.

I’m pushed to the astral summit—
My soul’s stretched over
The cosmic horizon.

I cannot contain my expansion;
I cannot stop the burning push,
The angry shove of relentless rage
Born from the fires of the first age.

My soul is empty space,
Invisible and warped;
My heart is lifeless rock,
Cratered, cold and cracked.
There is nothing here
Save shadows, pits and ghosts.

These orbs search
And these fingers reach
To grasp darkness
And see the chill
Of the cosmic temper
That mocks eternal
These fires internal—
These wants infernal.


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