Volume Dealer headlines Rock to Remember

Posted Jan 8, 2005
Last Updated Nov 8, 2011
volume dealer
volume dealer
volume dealer

Volume Dealer headlined the January 7, 2005 Rock to Remember concert at the Newport Music Hall. The show honored the victims of the recent Alrosa Villa murders where a lunatic shot four innocent people to death and was then himself killed by a Columbus police officer. Volume Dealer was present at the infamous show, and opened for Damageplan the night Dimebag Darrell was killed.

2011-11-08 If I can recall... I had a very hard time photographing singer Billy this set. He was very pumped up and animated... and rarely stayed still long enough for my camera to focus.

Volume Dealer

Photos of Volume Dealer, a rock band form Central Ohio.

  1. Volume Dealer at Newport
  2. Volume Dealer headlines Newport
  3. Volume Dealer headlines Rock to Remember


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