Jessica Strock

Hi my name is Jessica Strock and almost 13 years old. My favorite things to do are one talk to my friends at school, home and family members... Two I still like to play video games on the GameCube like Windwaker(Zelda game), SuperSmashbro... and other ones to... And three play my favorite computer game named Counter-Strike...On this game my name is {Wall W0rm}Grumpy Bear... Just in case if you've played it before or not... Its a very fun game I mean everyone should know about it... If you have played it don't you agree on this that everyone should know about Counter-Strike?... Ohh yeah and i forgot to tell you all that i like to listen to music mostly Rap, R&B, Some Hip Hop, and some rock as well... And my favorite stations on the radio are.... 97.9 and 107.5... My favorite animals are Dogs(Golden Retrievers the best), Cats, Hamsters(mine better it's name is Fuzzy), Frogs, and also my pet fish the Gar(Moby is his name)... My favorite singers and there songs are... Sean Paul and Temperature, We Be Burning,another singer is Eminem, When I gone, cleanout my closet, MockingBird,another is Pretty Ricky, grind with me, Call me, and the other singer(s) are Beyounce ft. Slim Thug, Cheack Up On It...

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My Family Word Search

Posted on Jan 10, 2004 | Last Updated Nov 3, 2011

A word search relating to my family.

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jessica strock family word search puzzle
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