Matthew Adams

well lets see, alot of things have happened since i posted my last bio. i'll put them in list form to conserve time. here are some of my more noteworthy accomplishments.... 1.moved to Alliance, Oh 2.regreted moving to Alliance, Oh rid of that oozy rash 4.broke into a nursing home and switched all the metamucil with the "L.A. Cyclone Diet" 5.forced into hiding for awhile 6.had a 3-way with Christina Agulara and Brittney Spears...o wait, thats on my "things to do list" ,my bad 7.officialy changed my major to "undeclared", which is under the college of "I don't have a fuckin clue what I'm doing" 8.found a cure for the common cold but I lost the formula when I got sick, took too much Nyquil, and woke up in Guam 3 days later(long story but now I know why I have 3 Testicles) rid of that body that was stinking up my trunk 10.showed my penis to 5 more people 11.finally played a round of Counter-Strike and had more kills than deaths 12.completed the Boston Marathon but was disqualified for using a scooter....pricks! 13.had a job-lost it, found another job-lost it, got another job-laid off, decided the whole "working" thing wasn't a good idea 14.went poopy like a big boy well thats about it. if you want to know more about my little "Guam" adventure, pick up my new book "Dr. Strangegenitals, or How I learned to love my 3rd testicle." by M.Adams
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