Christmas Golden Retriever

Posted Dec 21, 2004
Last Updated Nov 8, 2011
golden retriever photo
golden retriever photo
golden retriever photo

Golden Retrievers are my favorite dogs. I always wanted one growing up. So I felt very lucky last year when Jenny brought Dewey into my life.

These are some portraits of Dewey this holiday season. He’s still only a puppy and rambunctious, but we can sometimes bribe him into sitting still for a few shots here and there.


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Sep 30, 2012

My golden, Ginger, look just like Dewey but blonder. I've been extremely blessed with her and I'm positive after her hip replacement surgery she and I will have many years together.

Shawn Olson

Sep 30, 2012

Thank you for sharing. Goldens are wonderful creatures!

Dec 7, 2011

Hi, Shawn -

Spectacular pictures!! Are they copyrighted, or can I copy them?

Thanks -


Shawn Olson

Dec 7, 2011

Thank you.

All of my work is copyrighted. But generally speaking I do give permission to use my photos in non-commercial projects as long as credit is given.

Louisette Lou

Nov 30, 2008

Lovely fotos , nice golden.

best regard from Belgium louisette +2 golden Zitablue and Cerise

Brittni Williams

Sep 5, 2007

My dog looks exactly like Dewey, his name is Mischief though. They are great dogs. believe ours are about the same age because mine is four now. I have been looking to mate him but its hard to find a famale.

Jewell Stapley

Sep 17, 2007

I love your pictures, we have 2 goldens. I have had 3 other male goldens in the past, not to mention several other breeds also.

Connie Lou (My friends call me Connie Lou) and Max (Maximillions

Golden Knight)are the ones we have now. It was a refreshing breath of air to view your pictures and see someone as Golden 'crazy' as we are!


Stephanie S

Jul 25, 2008

Oh my gosh, my Milo looks just like Dewey, except perhaps she's smaller in size. I have a beautiful (smaller sized) female girl and she's 1 year over. She has such a beautiful face and really wonderful gentle character. I am debating of spaying her as I want to find a mate for her. Is there any male golden or how do I find a mate for my dog? She is AKC pedigreed. Do you have any offers/advices, please contact me.

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