Alrosa Villa Layout for Media

Posted Dec 8, 2004
Last Updated Nov 8, 2011

After the tragedy at the Alrosa Villa last night when an idiot jumped on stage and murdered four people, I have had a series of inquiries about floor plans of the Alrosa Villa.

I have quickly put together a general plan of the venue for publications to use. All publications wishing to use the graphic are welcome to do so provided they give credit to

PDF Plans 91 KB
CorelDRAW 12 Plans 21 KB
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I am sorry to hear about the incident. When I first heard about it, my heart jumped because many of my friends were there last night. Had I not been busy with work and fatigue, I was planning on being there to photograph my friends in Volume Dealer.

2011-11-08 This info was used by the Columbus Dispatch on a front page graphic in the coverage of the murders as the Alrosa Villa that killed four people, including Damageplan's Dimebag Darrell (formerly of Pantera).


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