Periodical Cicadas

Posted May 22, 2004
Last Updated Nov 5, 2011
molting cicada
periodical locusts
Freshly molted cicada

I had heard that this year we were being swarmed with the Periodical Cicada (the Magicicada) but for some reason they avoided my neighborhood. Luckily, my brother planned a picnic at Darby Park and it was there that I found thousands of these crunchy creatures, their husks, and a surround-sound chorus of mating calls that reminded me of the sound effect of phasers in the original Star Trek series. I have not researched this, but according to a good friend, the reason that Cicadas are improperly labeled as "locusts" is that in colonial times colonists saw them swarming and equated them to the biblical locust swarms.

Here are a couple Cicada pages to check out:


Photos of cicadas... some during mass infestations, others just solitary specimens molting.

  1. Periodical Cicadas
  2. Molting Cicada


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