Posted Apr 4, 2004
Last Updated Nov 5, 2011
baby killdeer
killdeer display

These are photos of a Killdeer. Killdeer are pretty birds that spend a lot of their time on the ground. Not only do they run around more than fly, they even nest on the ground. Their eggs and chicks are so well camouflaged that it's not hard to step on them. That's part of the reason the parents act as if they have broken wings when you near their nest--they want to draw you away from their vulnerable clutch.

For more information on Killdeer, check out the sites below:


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jennifer larson

Apr 18, 2009

There's a Killdeer nest by the tenniscourts at my high school. Im trying to keep them secret (don't want the rotten kids to find them and egg the school with the eggs or something). The tennis team and my science teacher know, and the 4th egg just came a few days ago. I just identified her species. I'm finding everything i research is true, and i'm quite excited. When the babies hatch, will they still hang around the nest and live there for a bit? (how long will they?) Is it okay to pick up the babies after a few days after hatching? (im guessing not, but i really want to!)


Apr 15, 2010

They wonder around the nest for a while ( I've experienced the same thing, except under my own tree ). Eventually, I'm not sure how long they stay. >-< But their fluffy. :o
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