Fertile Ground

Posted Jan 5, 2004
Last Updated Nov 3, 2011

Mabi Ponce de Leon's "Fertile Ground" exhibit at the Ohio Art League Gallery opened on January 3, 2004. The exhibit displays multiple mixed-medium pieces relating to fertility, motherhood and life--all inspired by Ponce de Leon's experience of becoming a mother.

The work is original and highly detailed. One moment Mabi's art makes you think your looking at a biological illustration, and the next it feels intoxicated and mythical.

"It's not exactly living room art," said Mabi. Perhaps... but it is highly creative and impressive; collectors of unique styles will love this work.

The exhibit runs until January 31, 2004. If you're in Central Ohio during this time and want to see some original work, go to the Ohio Art League Gallery at 954 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43201. For more information, call OAL at 614-299-8225.

For more information about Mabi, read Mabi Ponce de Leon, Artist and Teacher.


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