Posted Aug 4, 2003
Last Updated Oct 31, 2011

One day some time ago
there was this little girl
riding her bike on a sunny day,
her Dad watching proudly
as she peddled away.
You and I were not there
but clearly I see her smile,
her bright face and flowing hair.

It was a special day for girl and Dad
A day to thank that this world ever had.

Times have left us
to our fate
Reminding us to live and love
before it’s too late.

Well time turned that Dad
into an old frail man
who told me these words;
Time then took him away from me…
all but his words and his memory.

And now time has turned again
taking this girl to see her Dad.
They were once happy
so I will try not to be sad.
But it’s so hard not to cry.
Now they are gone…
I love you Gramps and Mom.


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