The Always Welcome Inn

Posted Jun 11, 2003
Last Updated Oct 31, 2011

I was lucky enough to be able to go on a family retreat recently. Jenny's family organized a weekend vacation at the Always Welcome Inn.

Just west of Killbuck, Ohio, the inn is nicely secluded from the "outside world". The hills are covered with healthy forests, which in turn make homes for plenty of wildlife.

The Always Welcome Inn had plenty of accomodations for us. Spacious cabins with many rooms and beds, kitchens and grills and chairs galore... it handled our crazy bunch of kids and eccentrics quite easily.

We spent much of our time at the ponds wich are terraced at different levels of a steep hillside. Catching our fill of bass and bluegill... it was fun for everyone. In the evenings we sat around a campfire--which already had wood stocked for our use!

2011-10-31 I removed contact info from this page since I have lost contact with the owner and the website seems to be defunct now. It's a shame... it really was a nice place to stay.

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A view of the uppermost pond and a cabin from the Always Welcome Inn. Taken in the misty morning.

Always Welcome Inn

The Eagle's Nest cabin from the Always Welcome Inn.

Martin House

The martin house in the middle of a field. Over the weekend I saw many birds, from martins and swallows and cat-birds to herons, vultures and red-tail hawks.


The forests around Always Welcome Inn have all kinds of interesting denizens--from evergreens and raccoons to deer and colorful fungi.

Phil Fishing

Well if you like to fish, then the ponds of Always Welcome Inn are a treat. We caught our fill of bass and bluegill.


With several cabins and spacious rooms, the Always Welcome Inn can handle families and groups of significant size.


The sunsets were beautiful from our vantage point as the sun filtered rays across a distant hill and forest.