Another rough week

Posted Apr 27, 2003
Last Updated Oct 31, 2011

It's been another rough week for my mother, Donna Olson. She has been in and out of the Intensive Care Unit of Doctors West hospital over the last few weeks. There have been days where my worst fears seemed to knock on the door.

While she is nowhere near getting out of the woods yet, she showed some signs of improvement today. The doctors removed her from the respirator and her vital signs seem stable. More importantly, she has gained steady consciousness and a little more clarity. It was her fifth stroke that brought her to this state... and it's amazing how well she has held up after all the trauma.

I apologize for sending the wrong link last week for those who would like to send mom a get well email.

I am crossing my fingers. Please keep her in your thoughts.

I want to thank Cringe for having me out again. Cringe performed at the Billiard Club on April 25 with Skywind, Alias X and Leveled. It was a celebration of Tom Cline's birthday. Too bad Cringe only had time to play a few songs.

Have a good week,
Shawn Olson


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