Copy and Paste Object Properties in 3ds Max

Posted Nov 19, 2014
Last Updated Nov 19, 2014

Copy and Paste UIThis is a MAXScript to copy and paste properties from one object to an arbitrary set of objects inside 3ds Max.


With this script, you pick an object in the scene as the property source. You then select objects in the scene to which you wish to transfer properties. You can choose which properties to use, as well as wether the values are copies of the current value or use the controller of the original object's values (to transfer animated values, etc).

Running the Script

  1. Download and Unzip Copy and Paste Properties MAXScript.
  2. In 3ds Max, click MAXScript > Run Script and browse for the file

Using Copy & Paste

  1. Click the Pick Source of Properties pickbutton.
  2. Select the Source node in the scene.
  3. Choose the Controller options.
  4. Select what properties will transfer.
  5. Optionally choose to transfer the Material or wire color from the source node to the selected nodes.
  6. Click the Paste Matching properties button.

What Properties are Updated?

Only those properties that share the same name and the same value type will be transfered to the target nodes.


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Ahmet Pehlivan

Aug 9, 2022

Dreamy. I'm so sorry I didn't notice earlier. thank you so much

Milica Mesterovic

Oct 9, 2020

You are a genius!

Jeff Lo

Jul 4, 2018

Hi , can i have your Copy and Paste Object Properties in 3ds Max scripts for my own project propose ?

Current download link is not available .

Thanks a lot & appropriate it .

Shawn Olson

Jul 4, 2018

Sorry about that. I've fixed the download links.

carlos mendez

Nov 21, 2014



Nov 21, 2014

Nice work man! very useful script

Shawn Olson

Nov 21, 2014

Thanks for the kind remark. I saw a post on the Area forums asking for this, and I've remembered countless occasions where I wanted these functions. There are others on Scriptspot, but I wanted some extra features and logic (like instancing the value controllers).
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