Winged Insects

Posted Jan 5, 2003
Last Updated Oct 30, 2011

The insect world is a fascinating place where you are almost guaranteed to experience the bizarre and nearly alien. I constantly keep my eyes open for insects when taking walks because insects are everywhere and often perfect subjects for photography.

The insects here are some flies and bees I photographed in the Summer of 2002.

Perhaps my favorite is the large, hairy fly that almost looks like a bumble bee (which I now know to be a Robber Fly thanks to Simeon Gilmer). The creature was like a B-52 of insects--it buzzed loudly and bent leaves down when it landed. When I first saw it I was falling over myself to get a good picture. Luckily, he was fairly brave, and I got several high-fidelity close-ups.

I also loved the red-eyed fly. I wanted a shot of this guy so much I endured his biting--in this image he was biting my knuckle.

I have some great wasp shots I'll add to this page as soon as I can find them from my archive.


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May 25, 2012

have found large insect at home. looks like wasp or hornet but completely yellow with orange limbs

cannont find any listing for this anywhere

does anyone know what this is

simeon gilmer

Nov 3, 2006

I believe that the big fly is a robber fly. a bumble bee mimic


May 25, 2012

is it dangerous, looks horrific


May 25, 2012

have found photos of robber fly, they don't really match up to what we found!! also no listings for being found in England

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