Ambush Bugs

Posted Jul 22, 2009
Last Updated Nov 12, 2011
Ambush bug extending arms
Ambush Bug Waiting Arms Out
Ambush Bug waiting
ambush bug on leaf

I have been a fan of the ambush bug for a long time. Every time I take a walk in the summer, I am careful to inspect Queen Anne's Lace (a common white flowering weed in the Midwest, USA) for the ambush bug. They wait for unsuspecting flies, moths and other insects to land... then grab the prey with pincer-like forearms before injecting their poisonous probiscious into the poor prey.

With the exception of one photo, these ambush bugs were photographed at Prairie Oaks Park in Central Ohio. The exception was found in my backyard.

Ambush Bugs

Photos of the Ambush Bug... a predatory insect that waits in the pedals of flowers for unsuspecting prey.

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