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Apache Mod Rewrite and PHP

Posted Jul 8, 2009
Last Updated Aug 13, 2013

If you need to test if an Apache server is running the mod_rewrite module, don’t waste your time building some elaborate system or doing it manually. Learn from my mistake and do it the simple way with this PHP code:

if (in_array('mod_rewrite', apache_get_modules())) { 
    // Apache has Mod Rewrite 
} else {
    // Apache DOES NOT have Mod Rewrite 

Thanks Andrew! Too bad I didn’t know about apache_get_modules() until after I had built something far more complex!


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Andrew Penry

Jul 9, 2009

One note: apache_get_modules() may not be available in all PHP versions if apache is running in CGI mode instead of in module mode. Make sure to test it on your installation.
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