SwfObject JavaScript Error in IE7

Posted Nov 25, 2008
Last Updated Nov 26, 2008

I have been doing some updates and optimizations to my site this last week that included some Flash Player 10 integration. In the process, I noticed that I was having an issue on Internet Explorer 7 where there was a JavaScript error that kept popping up when using the SWFObject. The error was not very informative... simply telling me that an Object was expected.

After some fiddling, I discovered that the solution to the problem was to make sure that the containing object tag included an ID. I gave the ID the value of the name of the SWF file (minus the .swf). I did not experiment to see if the value of the ID is important. (After re-reading the documentation of SWFObject... I realized that adding the ID is part of the process of using SWFObject--I had simply missed that in the docs; so if you missed it in your reading... here is your solution!)


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teh NZ

Dec 8, 2008

hi there, am a newbie to programming.

I have 'errors on page' when I enable a certain Flash object in IE7 but no errors when that object is disabled. Your suggestion seemed to be the simplest that I have come across that I can understand. However, I still do not know how to write object id as suggested.

I narrowed down the file to a mod_jomulus.xml where the flash object, tagcloud.swf appeared within.

How should I write the object id tag and where should I put it within the xml file.

I realised this is very elementary but would really appreciated you patience. Have quote the first few lines of the xml below.

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