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Posted Jul 25, 2008
Last Updated Nov 12, 2011

The WallWorm clan has been gaming together for several years. We primarily played Counter-Strike for the first few years as a group. However, since early 2006, we have moved our attention to BattleField 2142.

As our group plays less Counter-Strike, we came to the decision to close down the old server that we were playing on for the last few years. The cost of operation became impractical. It's kind of sad, since so many of us spent so much time there; several of us showed off our map-making skills there.

While the old server is up through the beginning of August 2008, we have put up a new WallWorm Counter-Strike server at It is now hosted out of a home rather than at a high-bandwidth data center; as such, it can not accomodate a full 32-player game unless all players were playing on the local network.

I want to personally thank those who have been a major part in the funding and participation at WallWorm.

  • Andrew Penry
  • Mat Adams
  • Mike Schirtzinger
  • Bob Fox
  • Bob Penry
  • Richard Hudson


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