November 2, 2006

Posted Nov 1, 2006
Last Updated Nov 10, 2011
Pallas Cat Photo
Assassin Bug Climbing Thistle

In all my years trying to take over the world, I have been called a Yahoo, "inane” and even a child abuser—but at least I have never been called a politician. (That part about taking over the world is not really true… it just more or less seemed like a catchy introduction.) That may end by the time I call it quits on this world… but at least for the moment politics is far from my livelihood.

This week I drew my first political cartoon in years. In fact, it’s been a long time since I’ve drawn any cartoons. Hopefully I can find enough inspiration to add more to the collection more frequently.

In other news, the Artistic Network site will be inaccessible for at least a few hours in the next few days as I have added an SSL certificate to the site. I am waiting for ICANN to cough up an IP address for that.

For those of you who did not know this (and the rest of you who are just bored), I will share a bit about IP addresses. Aside from the fact that IP sounds like simple logical assertion about self ability and biology, it is a necessary aspect of your online world. An IP address is a unique identifier for each computer on a network—kind of like a phone number for your phone.

Well if you want an SSL security certificate on a website, you are forced to have a unique IP address for your web domain—as opposed to simply using the unique address on a server that may share that address with multiple domains. Well IPs are limited due to reasons that make no sense to me (since numbers are limitless)… and you are not guaranteed an IP when you request one from ICANN (which can, if you get denied, seem more like I CAN’T).

While I have more to write about this, I expect most readers are confused enough as it is—leaving me with little need to go on. But I do want to say that there are some superbly powerful people controlling the internet—maybe not in terms of what gets put on the internet—but in terms of who can do what. Granting IPs, saying who is a "Trusted” SSL signer… that’s a lot of power.

Anyway… enjoy the new photos. I just received an advance copy of John Dalmas’ newest book The Second Coming and will try to get a review of it out sometime in the next month.


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