Pallas Cat

Posted Oct 7, 2006
Last Updated Nov 10, 2011
Pallas Cat Photo
Pallas Cat Photo
Pallas Cat Photo
Pallas Cat Photo
Pallas Cat Photo
Pallas Cat Photo

Before visiting Asia Quest at the Columbus Zoo, I had never heard of the Pallas Cat. While fairly small, it was more active than most of the larger cats such as the leopard, tigers and lions. Every time I visited the Pallas Cat, he was very alert and defensive. I got the impression he would not have made a very pleasant house-cat—unless, of course, you want your furniture and hands mauled.

From the information I gathered online, the Pallas cat is widespread but uncommon in Asia. It is hunted for its luxurious gray, red and rusty fur.

The Pallas Cat is sometimes called a Manul.

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Bobbie Spicer

Jan 19, 2007

Your videos and photos of the Pallas cat are wonderful. Since information, photos of the Pallas cat are so limited, your presnetation is a welcome addition. I have bookmarked this site to view often. Thanks for making this available.
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