Assassin Bug Photos

Posted Sep 19, 2006
Last Updated Nov 10, 2011
Assassin Bug Portrait
Assassin Bug Thistle Flower
Assassin Bug Climbing Thistle
Young Assassin Bug
Assassin Bug and Ant

These are some more photos of assassin bugs, which are one of my favorite photography subjects. The video is somewhat shaky because of some wind and my as-of-yet unexperienced hand at video filming.

A couple of the photos on this page may turn out to be insects other than assassin bugs. But as far as I can tell, these are all assassin bugs.


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Marjorie Madison

Jul 27, 2007

I want to thank you for your pictures on the Assassin Bugs. I had found an insect on my front porch and took some pictures of it. I wanted to find out what kind it was. So I surfed the net, then I came across your site. It helped me to indentify the kind of bug it was.
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