Baby Photos

Posted Jul 17, 2006
Last Updated Nov 10, 2011
baby blue eyes photo
Portrait Study Baby Catelyn
Portrait Study Baby Logan
Baby Birth Photo

Photographing babies is not my forteā€¦ but I have photographed plenty of babies over the years, mostly for friends and family. Of course, being a father obligates me to snap shots of my young ones. Here are a few of the cuter shots I have snapped. I am sure I have a lot more baby pictures to use in my archive, but it would almost be easier to have another baby and photograph him/her than to dig through my collection of photos for samples.

I desaturated the color in many of these shots. In those that are desaturated, I left the eyes full of color.


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Richy B

Jul 19, 2006

Hey Ive got a baby you can photograph..
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