Website Upgrades

Posted Jun 11, 2006
Last Updated Nov 9, 2011

Over the last few months I have been modularizing all of the code for my Content Management System that I code-named "SMO CMS". Last week I nearly completed those upgrades, and early this morning I loaded the upgrades onto the site. I will be tweaking the system over the next few weeks. Apart from the upgrades, the site has also gotten some visual changes.

Unfortunately, there may be some old bookmarks that will no longer work properly. Among the changes are the loss of the old RSS address and some other pages.

In the next few weeks I will be officially releasing the commercial version of SMO CMS with a branded software package.

Thanks, as always, to help from my good friend Andrew Penry. He helped solve problems on some areas of this new system. It will plugin seamlessly with Andrew's upcoming online shopping system.

Webonizer Goes Live

Information relating to the Webonizer Content Management System that I've been building for several years.

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