Dreamer's Hill

Posted Nov 20, 2002
Last Updated Oct 30, 2011

Dreamer's Hill is the first oil painting I've done in two years. It's only the third painting I've done since becoming an adult... the fourth in my lifetime.

I'm pretty happy with this piece. Though I'm still learning the techniques of oil painting, I'm picking up the trade quickly enough. That's probably because Dad's such a talented oil painter.

"Dreamer's Hill" was finished on November 20, 2002. It's painted on a 12'x16' canvas board.

If you are interested in buying this piece send me an email or call 614-465-2893.


Oil paintings by Shawn Olson belonging to the Dreamers series.

  1. Dreamer's Hill
  2. Dreamer's Isle
  3. Creative Oasis
  4. Moonlit Travel
  5. Perfect Sunset
  6. Dreamers Moon


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