Noise Auction takes final bid

Posted Feb 17, 2006
Last Updated Nov 9, 2011
tom cline
ryan wilder

If you are a grump you might say that another one bit the dust. If you are sentimental you might say that the time has come for some change. If you are like me, you sigh and except the fact that life is a challenge and many things don’t work out like you want.

My friends in Noise Auction have tossed in the towel. They have one more show lined up before they go their separate ways. So I had to be on hand last night when they put on a show that was, for many fans, a final farewell.

I doubt that any of these five guys will call it quits on music now—especially since some are so young. But some of the guys are feeling the pull of responsibility that happens to us all as years stack up. I’ve been watching Ryan and Tom for years now… and both have careers and families to contend with on top of their music. We all grow up one day or another.

Still… I can’t help but feel a little remorse in another talented group of artists falling apart. For reasons that must be rooted in human nature, this project fell short of its goal like countless other projects that spring up every year in every city big and small across the globe. It’s hard for a band to stay together; egos, finances and goals collide with tempers, talents and ethics.

I’m happy I got to know the guys in Noise Auction. I’ve always loved their music. I hope that each of the guys picks up and moves on in positive and creative directions.

2011-11-09 As it turns out, this was not the end of Noise Auction. The group got back together and is actually playing to this day. I have since left the local music scene, but I do keep tabs with the guys from time to time. Who knows... I may get some new photos before long.


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