Big Lots Grand Opening

Posted Jul 31, 2005
Last Updated Nov 8, 2011

On July 31, 2005 I photographed the Big Lots grand opening in Worthington, Ohio. This was the fourth Big Lots grand opening I’ve been hired to shoot over the last couple years.


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big lots grand opening

Photo of front of store. Image is heavily backlit from a morning sun.


A seemingly chaotic mass of screwdrivers. What made this image stick out was the single price-tag sticker that was visible.

big lots promo

This shot did not turn out exactly as I hoped, but the angles were interesting.

greeting cards

I liked the green of the card envelopes in this display. It created a nice contrast with the black-and-white card photos.

big lots associate

Big Lots associate pausing for a friendly photo in the middle of his work.

big lots manager

A Big Lots manager goofing off after the ribbon cutting.

girl and balloon

A young shopper shows off her new balloon.

cheap crayons

Rows of crayons.

customer previews makeup

Big Lots shopper browses the makeup aisle. I thought this was a great shot because her blouse seemed to match the setting.

big lots closeout prices

Shot of a row of identicle price tags. Wide aperture creates narrow depth-of-field.

big lots grand opening

Group shot of Big Lots managers and associates.

big lots

The main display in the front of the store.