Stoney's Tribute Band

Posted Jan 8, 2005
Last Updated Nov 8, 2011

Friends of the late Erin "Stoney" Halk got together as a band to play a few of Halk's favorite songs at the Rock to Remember concert at the Newport Music Hall on January 7, 2005. These are photos of Stoney's Tribute Band.


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Andrew Calin

Nov 16, 2006

Got caught up looking at info about Halk when I ran into pictures of the tribute concert (1/05). Halk and I were very good friends as Marines while serving in Hawaii. He was crazy, wild, and absolutely hilarious. We had countless great times together in those few short years. I talked to him last just weeks before the shootings and he sounded happy to hang out and party with the artists that played there. Though tragic, it is truly inspirational to hear the details of Halk's heroics that night. I will miss him always and keep his memory alive in my heart forever. Semper Fi Halk-man!
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