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Posted Aug 27, 2013
Last Updated Oct 23, 2020

Wall Worm Auto Material is a 3ds Max script that automatically applies materials to newly created objects in 3ds Max based off of the currently active material in the material editor. It works as a toggle that can be bound to a button or menu to turn it on and off.

This tool was primarily created to make Hammer users feel more at home inside 3ds Max; but the usefulness of this extends to many other users and circumstances beyond level design. This function is being packaged in an upcoming version of Wall Worm as well and is a simpler version of the upcoming Brush Mode in Wall Worm.

Installing Auto Material

  1. Download the Wall Worm Auto Material Zip File
  2. Extract the contents to your computer. Remember the location of the contents
  3. Open 3ds Max if it is not open
  4. Click MaxScript > Run Script...
  5. Browse for the AutoMaterial.mcr file that was in the downloaded zip file

Now the functions are installed. To use them, you must assign the function to a menu or toolbar. You can do this in the Customize > Customize User Interface menu inside Max. You can find Auto Material in the wallworm.com category.

Using Auto Material

To use Auto Material, you must first install it with the instructions above.

  1. Make a material active in the Material Editor. The active material is the one whose parameters is visible in the Material Paramaters Editor of the Material Editor. To activate a material, double-click its Slot in the Compact Material Editor or, in Slate, move it to a view and double-click it.
  2. Turn on Auto Material by clicking the button or menu you've made.
  3. Create objects.
  4. Simply click the Auto Material button/menu again to turn it off.

Uninstalling Auto Material

To uninstall Auto Material, find your $userscripts folder and delete the file named "wallworm_com-wallwormAutoMaterial.mcr" . Your user scripts folder is usually located in a place like this: "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Autodesk\3dsMax\2021 - 64bit\ENU\usermacros"

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