Posted Jun 21, 2005
Last Updated Nov 8, 2011

Welcome to Wallworm Concert Hall. Check out our full service bar on the first floor, and our lounge on the second floor. Admire the beauty of the chandelier in the Great Hall.

For our acts, we have a comfortable green room with a private screening area where you can see the other acts on stage.

We are still in the finishing touches of construction, and many doors and locks have not yet been installed. Please, no entry into the basement storage area, or the catwalks. Also be aware that the service elevator has not yet been installed, but the doors will open.

Tonight is opening night and we are pleased to present Noise Auction. Tickets available at

Screenshots will be posted later today


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Wall Worm plugins and scripts for 3ds Max
Concert Hall Bar

Our bar is well stocked with domestic and imported beer and liquor.

Concert Hall Lounge

Relax in our lounge before, during, or after a concert.

Concert Hall Grand Hall

Held up by a beautiful -- but fragile -- gold cord, our chandelier will amaze you with its brilliant light.

Concert Hall Screening Room

The screening room shows the action on stage.

Concert Hall Catwalk

We use only the most state of the art lighting in our venue.